Toms Ireland + Yashica D = Once Upon A Time In Limerick

I took my old Yashica-D and some black and white film on the shoot of Toms Ireland, which resulted in some really nice and grainy photographs like this one with Tom Egbers and Blind Boy. I have selected five photographs available for print (60 x 60 cm, B&W), limited to

Finishing the edit of Toms Ireland

Picture lock! I can now tell you what the story is concerning this series! It’s called ‘Toms Ireland’, made for Warner Bros and the Dutch network NTR. We unpack the Emeralds Isle through the eyes of the Dutch James Bond, Tom Egbers. Look at this beautiful man next to a Ford

Podcast shifts to English – climate stress

I did an episode of the Cinema Brewers podcast in English, especially for my friend James Harrup. I try to solve his climate stress. Listen here:

West Coast Recordings available in limited edition

I tried to find my soul on the West-Coast of the United States. Starting in San Fransisco, I had one rule, the people I met on my travels decided where I should go next. I photographed the landscape from along Big Sur, LA and Joshua Tree and recorded the sound


New beer inspired on Apocalypse Now, an American IPA with lemongrass and orange, in honour of Francis Ford Coppala’s new cut coming out this summer.

New series

Directing a new and very special project. Going back to the motherland for a six-part-series. Can’t say too much about it so let me take this opportunity to post this completely authentic photograph of myself . 

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon wins IDFA!

This time the Big O, aka Martijn Blekendaal lands IDFA! We didn’t find Bas Jan Ader but ‘The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon’ wins nevertheless!  

Start podcast

As we talk so much, we might as well record it. Launching the Cinema Brewers podcast! Martijn and I will be talking about film, beer, life; the triangle of existence. Only for Dutch speakers or people who enjoy lots of gargling sounds (repeat ‘achtentachtig’ ten times and accentuate the g’s to get

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon

The Big O has landed in Berlin. We’re editing his new film ‘The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon’. In 1970 Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader mysteriously disappeared at sea. In 2019 we found an ex-Stasi commander who looks suspiciously like him in Berlin… No we didn’t. But we will try to unravel

My Own Personal Jesus

In Zürich, directing a commercial with Will Barber, who performs a beautiful version of ‘My Own Personal Jesus’. His taste in music is as good as his taste in beer. And the man has a beard, look at that beard.

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