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As we talk so much, we might as well record it. Launching the Cinema Brewers podcast! Martijn and I will be talking about film, beer, life; the triangle of existence. Only for Dutch speakers or people who enjoy lots of gargling sounds (repeat ‘achtentachtig’ ten times and accentuate the g’s to get

The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon

The Big O has landed in Berlin. We’re editing his new film ‘The Man Who Looked Beyond the Horizon’. In 1970 Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader mysteriously disappeared at sea. In 2019 we found an ex-Stasi commander who looks suspiciously like him in Berlin… No we didn’t. But we will try to unravel

My Own Personal Jesus

In Zürich, directing a commercial with Will Barber, who performs a beautiful version of ‘My Own Personal Jesus’. His taste in music is as good as his taste in beer. And the man has a beard, look at that beard.


Exciting time as ’Secrets of a master painter’ lands a nomination in the arts categorie of the most prestigious European television award. Attending the ceremony together with the team including co-director Jaap van der Werff and producer Marc Pos. Check link for press trailer new season.


  Cinema Brewers news! Finbarr and Martijn are over the moon as after very long negotiations with Universal they can start brewing their Lebowski Dry hopped American Lager! Jeff Bridges gives the thumbs up!


  Secrets of a master painter wins in the category arts of the NY Film and Television Festival.


Cinema Brewers have created a beer inspired on Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone. An American amber ale with blood orange. You can watch the first tasting with Martin here.

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